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I'z Bridal which is based in Los Angeles and San Francisco California, organize the wedding in the location which has large popularity among the Japanese couples; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Canada and Kyoto in addition to Hawaii.  (Please consult other locations as well.)
From big wedding to the wedding just for two, in order to receive the best smile for the best start for each customer, we serve with the sincerity and offer many ideas.  Please leave the production of your style wedding to us.


Ceremony Location


Deep blue sky and cobalt blue sea with bracing wind which touches the cheeks.  Swear the eternal love while being blessed by your guests in bright clear unbounded air.  You will find the only Hawaiian Wedding where many will yearns.

America & Canada

The stage of ceremony which is not limited to just the church and the chapel are the American and Canadian Wedding.
From the profound Orthodox Church, the theme park, and to the wedding where you can enjoy the Mother Nature.  Enjoy your freedom style in the country of America and Canada!