Rainbow Wedding

According to the investigation of the travel industry association 2006, both Los Angeles and San Francisco in the United States it is ranked gayly in the top 10 of the destination of popularity, it is listed to the area which is easy to live most gayly and lesbian even in the world.



Los Angeles - Wayfarers Chapel

Even by the fact that, the son of the Frank Lody light/write of 1949 establishment manages design the famous church. The wall surface is formed, all transparencies being undisguised, the trees and shrubs which flourish around and the blue sky, the sea which spreads to everywhere has become the design which view it is possible. There are 16 bells in the stone tower which rises in next door of the church, being profound is piled up to many layers, the beautiful timbre echoes.

San Francisco - Sausalito Presbyterian Church

Sausalito is the town, which is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.  The dramatic scene which ocean can be seen and a steep hill which greens are surrounded, charm many people.  Our sanctuary is an historic chapel designed by the celebrated architect Ernest Coxhead and completed in 1909 and it is a part of the beautiful history of Sausalito.