Richmond Minoru Chapel

Richmond Minoru Chapel was established in 1891.  It is located in the corner of the Minoru Park which is surrounded in beautiful green and flowers.  Appearance of the chalkstone which glows vividly in the blue sky and, the stained glasses like the picture story where each beautiful designs are different, which also became the location area of movie “COUSIN".  The wedding bell echoes at the end and after the ceremony can take photos and videos in beautiful green garden.  Canadian Protestant pastor operates the ceremony, which is known to take time on rehearsal and carefully carry out the ceremony.

Banff Full Gospel Church

Church was founded in 1960, the majestic Canadian Rocky in the hope of nature is located in a leisurely fashion.  The village, where numbers of tourists come to the scenic resort, it is cool during the summer and skiing in winter, which is famous after the Whistler ski resort.  The church of cedar trees in the warmth of the skin's appearance is made.

Chateau Lake Louise

The most beautiful lakes in the Canadian Rockies inside the Banff National Park, changes time to time from illusion to mystic expression.  The ceremony at historical hotel, located near the Lake Louise, is suitable for the two who will be swearing for their life.  Dynasty-style hotel in France as a whole, which has elegant atmosphere, will have luxurious and impressive wedding.

Canadian Memorial Church

Approximately 15 minutes by car from central downtown.  It is the historical church with the stonework in quiet high-class residential town which is close to the South Grand building.  There are 10 stained glasses inside the church which shows a history of each Canadian state beautifully, sound from the pipe organ will produce the impressive ceremony for two.