Las Vegas



Drive Thru Wedding

The most popular ceremony in Las vegas. As for the stage, it is the arcade which it adjoins to the Little white chapel which confronts according to of the bustling Strip. While being blessed in the angel which is drawn in the ceiling, it rode the opencar while the unique ceremony is done. It is exactly the most simple ceremony in the world.

Special Memory Wedding Chapel

20 minutes by car from Las Vegas Boulevard.  Palm tree which stand in a row.  It is the great white chapel where the Victorian style which confronted in the avenue where the palm tree stands in a row, rises in quiet environment.  The bright interior with high ceiling.  It is the chapel of the splendid atmosphere where the pastor and also the staffs welcome a couple from heart.

Little Church of the West

Being appointed by the historical building at the chapel which is history of 50 years or more. The chapel of the lodge style is built on south side of the Las Vegas blvd and the atmosphere of the green settles mainly around. Many famous actors of Hollywood have had their wedding here, and the one of Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford is famous.

Graceland Wedding Chapel

The cozy and homely chapel is located in the north of Las Vegas Boulevard, which was built in 1950.  With the white pointed roof chapel in a sky being blue, you can imagine a fairytale wedding.  White rose for pew flower, the stained glasses and the unity candle will produce the ceremony for two.

Bellagio Wedding Chapel

The wedding held in the world's high status hotel which took 170 billion Japanese Yen to build.  It is romantic ceremony at the terrace where the fountain show which rises 60 meters high, can be viewed in front.  The water dances, the water sings, you can select the music of fountain show of the Bellagio which the water plays in the bride and groom.