The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, The Honolua Chapel

The luxurious ceremony at the distinguished hotel, Ritz-Carlton, which only accept 1 couple per day.  At home style ceremony is possible at the church which warmth of the wood can be feeling and pleasant wind comes through the window.  Entering the premises with the carriage is also the popular option.  The time will flow comfortably just for two.

Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church

It is located to the entrance of Lahaina, which has quiet and settled atmosphere.  It is appointed to also important culture as a historical building, Hawaii it seems, it is the church which overflows.The clean sea spreads to the reverse side of the church, after the holding it is the highest location which can enjoy also toasting.

Wailea Ocean View Wedding (Wailea Golf Course)

Wedding on the slightly elevated hill where the Pacific Ocean is overlook.  It has been categorized to famous Wailea area at the Maui island southern high-class resort.  Enjoy the sun set where the Maui Island is beautiful with the wedding which is set to the sun set evening.  The best location blessed for the couple.

Grand Wailea Seaside Chapel

The genuine chapel located inside the premises of the world prominent high-class resort hotel, Grand Wailea.  The roof shingles and the spire are their trademarks with the stained glass in all four sides, painted romantic, wedding location.  Each has a meaning, such as the entrance mural is entitled “Beginnings" symbolize the start of a new life together and the exit mural is entitled “Departure".