Ko Olina Chapel Place of Joy

Ko Olina literally means "place of joy" in Hawaiian language, stands in a peaceful resort estate which forgets that it is in the Oahu Island.  The chapel lands on top of a hillock where lagoon can be viewed.  The glasses are spread on the wall and ceiling to image the diamond and the sun like spotlight which give a touching ceremony.

Aquaveil Frais Marina Ko Olina Le Plage

Aquaveil which rises in the Hawaiian prominent resort, Ko Olina, has 360 degrees covered with glasses that are undisguised and spacious. The sunshine overflows, the sea and the sky's color are fortunate blue in the world. “Something Blue" which bride's happiness is promised and the "Rose Ceremony" which roses are exchanged are inspired more indeed.

Aloha Ke Akua Chapel

The chapel, which fairy Menehune made a heart shaped lake “Kahaluu fish pond" in one night, is colored with indicating the symbol “heart" of love.  On the vicinity of the lake, love and peace it is given the heart shaped “stone of Ho'okupu".  The aloha spirit gives the ceremony to overflows the love for the two eternal.

John Dominis Chapel by the Sea

The extreme location where the Diamond Head can be viewed in front with deep blue sky and the sea of the cobalt blue.  Through out the day, you may feel the goodness with the light inserts into the chapel which sticks out to the sea, gives refreshing morning, overwhelmed day time and soft mood in the afternoon.

The Kahala

The ocean view wedding of the distinguished hotel.  There are 2 Gazebo which are set in front of splendid view beach and can choose either one.  Both Gazebos are perfect to have photograph after the ceremony.  Enjoy the garden toasting at the high-class resort hotel wedding, which give the only Hawaiian mood.

Kawaiahao Church

The Oahu island oldest church of 1842 erection where at one time also coronation and wedding of the Hawaiian Royal family were done.  The external wall is made with 14,000 corals, appoints to the important cultural assets of the state.  It starts causing the space where the white whose introspection is faint settles, the timbre of 52 kinds which are played from 2,500 these pipe organs produces the impressed scene.

Calvary by the Sea Church

The charming and outstanding view and environment, which has the full ocean front.  As you walk down the ascending aisle, the blue sky and blue sea can be fully viewed over the wall of glass window.  There is a firm popularity of “The church with the ocean view" at outstanding location which represent Oahu.

Central Union Sanctuary

The ceremony of solemn atmosphere would match the timbre of the profound pipe organ and the praise songs in the European Gothic style cathedral.  The huge premises with refreshing lawn in the garden fulfill the photo shooting spots.  It is the beautiful church where the ceiling and the pillar is standardized with pure white which appears dazzlingly in the eye.

St. Andrews Cathedral

As for the timbre of the profound pipe organ and the large saintly hall of the European Gothic pitch which praise song resounds ceremony of solemn atmosphere matches. With the wide site, it forces refreshingly and is surrounded in the garden of the lawn, also photograph spot is complete. It is the beautiful church where the ceiling and the pillar which were standardized with pure white appear dazzlingly in the eye.

Holy Nativity Church

The dignified and peaceful pure genuine church is found in the quiet residential area.  The magnificent stained glass be set off by the Christian descend drawings and 858 pipe organs will produce a majestic ceremony.

Moana Surfrider Diamond Head Lawn

Garden wedding with the lawn which confronts in the Waikiki beach.  The ceremony with green lawn, pleasant sea breeze and the ukulele are something that you cannot taste at the ceremony at the church and it is popular style even in the locally.  The fine service where is found in typical hotel wedding is also a charm.