Overseas ceremony schedule model

Where should we begin to prepare for the overseas wedding?
Let us introduce the schedule model.  The marriage preparation from “Let's get married!"  The dress?  The Ceremony Hall?  The ring?  Travelling plan?  You know what you'll need but where and what should you start...  For the two who are just starting to prepare for the oversea wedding is a must to see.  Check out the schedule model which is introduced here.


Imagine which style you want for your wedding

Decide the country and style you wish to celebrate, and then decide when, how much and how many guest to invite for your wedding.

8-6 Months Prior

Reserve the ceremony place

After you have decided the place to celebrate, the real preparation starts.
At the same time, start concerning about the travel and the guests who you want to invite.

6-2 Months Prior

Gather the items which will be necessary for ceremony

Such as dress, tuxedo and marriage rings which cannot be missed.  Moreover, start thinking about taking wedding pictures at photo studio, bridal esthetics, and concern about the new house now.

3-2 Months Prior

Attention to the people around

To make the oversea wedding more memorable, reserve your make-up artist, photographer, photo album, and videographer.  Moreover, consider about your attendances' clothing, transportation, and sending invitations


Final confirmation

Reconfirm what you had prepared.  Double check the ceremony, transportation, dress, options, and the schedules of the wedding day.


Time to depart!

Now it is time to depart.  Enjoy the happiest day of your life.