The questions which are frequently asked by many people. Let's solve the question now! After all, first time oversea wedding preparation will have many doubts.
Here, all similar questions from couples who already done their oversea wedding are gathered.
Clear out the doubt you may have and enjoy the oversea wedding!

01 What clothes should guests wear?
Avoid casual fittings
The guests should avoid wearing casual clothing, such as jeans and sweatshirts. Let's have the guests to attend the oversea wedding in clothing which suits the ceremony. Especially the bride's father, who will be walking down the aisle with the bride, should wear a formal attire would be better. As for mother, dress and suits can be worn, but should avoid the “white" which is the same color as bride.
02 Can the guests take pictures and videos while the ceremony?
Let's leave the shootings to the professional photographer and videographer
Photographing and video graphing by the attendance person are prohibited during the ceremony. To make wedding ceremony smoothly without any interruption, it is best to have professional photographer and videographer who have already talked over with the site prior to the wedding. Furthermore, you may take pictures and videos freely before and after the ceremony.(Hawaii, Las Vegas, Vancouver only)
03 Is it okay if I only speak Japanese?
There will be Japanese staff, which will attend and be helping through
Ceremony is various depending upon the ceremony place, but many are done with official language terms of ceremony area. However with I'z Bridal, there will be Japanese translation during the ceremony and Japanese staff will assist you until the photos and videos are done.
04 I'm not a Christian but may I have a wedding in Christian churches?
There will be no questions asked on the two's belief
The ceremony which are introduced at I'z Bridal, there is no legal and religion effect, therefore there will be no questions asked on your religion. While calling off a part of a paragraph from bible on love, the pastor and the church staff will all bless from their heart. Moreover, the ceremony are done in blessing style, therefore marriage certificate must be obtained prior to the wedding day as a rule. Depending on the church, the marriage registration may be obtained 1 month prior to the ceremony date. If you like your record to indicate “married in the country system of the OO," then legal wedding (option) is recommended.
05 It feels uncomfortable in the make-up in the oversea country...
The Japanese or the Japanese speaking make up artist will be taking care
Feel peace in mind as the hairdresser who is Japanese or can speak Japanese (When you cannot speak Japanese, interpretation is attached) will be assisting. There will be consultation on Japanese taste natural make-up as you prefer. It would be surely when you can bring up the image of the style you wish, such as pictures and the clipping of the magazine. As for the cosmetics, the hairdresser basically prepares all make-ups, but feel free to bring your own if there is your favorite color or you have a sensitive skin.
06 Is there a procedures or a document which is necessary for the ceremony? Is it possible to do Legal Wedding?
Please confirm with us due each are different depending on your ceremony style
There is no special procedure in ceremony at the church, chapel, old castle or hotel. However, for the blessing style which is the ceremony for the married couple may need a marriage certificate depending on the church. You need to request before the ceremony. And you need to turn in marriage certificate to your local office within 3 months from the ceremony. 
07 How many dollars should be tipped at the local?
Check their local custom on how you pay tips prior to departure
The tips are necessary in most oversea countries. You pay in sense of appreciation of each service you received, but no need to give the excessive amount of tip. For example, putting the tip on the pillow for the hotel room clerk is general. The amount you tip will differ by the place you go, so check in advance what their local custom.

Standard Tip Amount (In case of U.S.A.)

Wedding Related ServicesGeneral Services
Hairdresser $20-30Restaurant / Taxi 10-20% of the total fee
Driver $10Service at hotel $1-3
Photographer $10