I'z BRIDAL Chief Wedding Planner
Tomoyuki Iwase

I have planned, managed and operated the weddings in Los Angeles and Hawaii.  While I was resided in Hawaii, I have planned and took a part in filming the Japanese popularity television program, operated many entertainers,  celebrities' wedding, and took a part in shooting the oversea wedding magazines “Zexy".
I have established I'z Bridal in 2008, in order to pursue a greater wedding from my experiences.  As a Chief Wedding Planner with Watabe Wedding being as our affiliated company, made possible to produce a wedding in Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York, Canada and Kyoto.

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<Company Overview>
Management Company: from this moment LLC.
President: Tomoyuki Iwase
Los Angeles Region :      (310)951-1302 

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What we do…..Consulting, producing and planning the wedding in USA, Canada and Japan,  Consulting, produciing and planning all sorts of parties, selling the wedding dresses and tuxedos.